Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Upcoming Camp Grace Programming

We're excited about some special programming for the first two weekends in April. On April 4th & 5th, we'll have our 4th annual Passover Seder in Camp Grace. This purpose of this program is to teach our elementary-age children the meaning of Passover, and how it connects with Jesus and the Gospel message. It's a unique way for our campers to experience and worship God, using all five senses. For more information, click here.

On Easter weekend (April 11th & 12th), we strongly encourage parents to take their elementary-age children with them to the adult worship service, so that they can participate in the Easter baptism service. Doing this could help you start or continue conversations regarding your child's understanding and grasp of sin, redemption, salvation, and baptism.

Please note that we will have very limited programming for Camp Grace (1st - 4th grades) during the weekend of April 11th & 12th:
  • Saturday Night: no Camp Grace programming offered
  • Powdersville: no Camp Grace programming offered
  • Sunday Morning (Pelham Road campus): a movie will be shown in the Lodge as an alternative for parents who are not able to take their children with them to the adult worship service.
If you have questions about baptism, you can get more direction on our church website.

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