Sunday, March 22, 2009

Q&A: "What is the heart issue behind crying when you lose a game?"

Travis and Crystal Runion, leaders in our church and parents of six children, share their thoughts:

We think the heart issue behind crying when losing is training your kids to "rejoice when others rejoice." It is about thinking about others more than yourself (Philippians 2:3).

Sometimes, when some of our kids lose they may throw down the Wii remote (or some other form of anger) and that too must be dealt with. There, self control is the heart issue.

I think doing your best is very important, but wrapping all your hope in the game or sport is definitely not where we or our kids need to be. This must be seen and modeled in us parents first!


  1. Great explaination of the truths associated with this issue. Thanks! I'm sure we'll have opportunities to use this soon.

  2. Thanks so much! We had been dealing with it as a self-control issue, but I LOVE the part about rejoicing when others rejoice. This is a daily struggle for us and I'm glad to be able to start adding this new dimension to it! Thanks!