Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Burns Family Supports Osborn Mission

Joseph and Elizabeth Osborn have been a part of our Grace community for years, and have been pursuing being missionaries overseas. They recently moved their family from Greenville to Papua New Guinea. They are a part of New Tribes Mission, and their goal is to preach the Gospel, translate the Bible, and eventually plant a church among tribes of people who do not have access to God's Word in their own language. You can find out more about the Osborn's and stay updated through their website, Osborn Mission.

Children's Ministry Saturday Night Coordinator, Molly Burns, and her family are a part of the support team for Joseph and Elizabeth Osborn. Molly was a guest blogger on the Osborn's website this week, sharing why she and her family are partnering with the Osborn's in their mission in Papua New Guinea. Here is an excerpt from her post:
"There are many reasons it seemed natural for us to partner with the Osborns in their mission in PNG. One, because we know it is a real call God has on their lives to go; two, because we know it is an equally real call God has for us to send...as it became increasingly clear that 'the going part' was not God’s call for us, we realized God had brought our families together for us to play a different role in tribal missions."
You can read more from Molly here.

Please be in prayer for the Osborn's as they adjust to a new country, new environment, and as they begin their long-awaited mission of spreading the Gospel of Christ with tribes in PNG.

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