Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Disciplined Parenting

Last weekend, Jeremy Keever taught on Proverbs 3:1-12 about disciplined parenting. He explained that we are given information to help us teach our children about God, which will in turn help lead them towards a transformed life. As parents, we cannot change the hearts of our children and make them love God, but we can provide an environment that models what it looks like to love God. He went on to explain that disciplined parenting has two main components - teaching and correction. We must use all of our resources to move our children towards heart change. We also need to recognize that discipline involves being intentional, verbal, and physical. All believers must discipline themselves to seek a life of godliness, and this trickles down to disciplined parenting in leading children to a life of godliness.

If you missed this teaching or would like to hear it again, check out his sermon below:

Jeremy also gave a list of excellent parenting resources during his sermon, and we have that list for you here:

  • Shepherding A Child's Heart - Tedd Tripp
  • On Becoming Baby Wise - Ezzo and Bucknam
  • Don't Make Me Count To Three! - Ginger Plowman
  • Wise Words For Moms - Ginger Plowman
  • Age Of Opportunity - Paul Tripp
  • Grace-Based Parenting - Tim Kimmel
  • Big Truths For Young Hearts - Bruce Ware
  • The Jesus Storybook Bible - Sally Lloyd-Jones

We hope these resources will help you as you seek to reach the hearts of your children, and the children in our church community.

Have questions? Know of any other good parenting resources? Leave us a comment!

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