Monday, December 20, 2010

Non-Negotiables: Your Children

Wayne Stocks wrote a series called "The Non-Negotiables," which can be read on Kidmin1124.  As volunteers, parents, spouses, workers, ministers, etc, we all face the battle for time.  (As Andy Stanley points out in Choosing to Cheat, we need to make courageous decisions about how we use our time, since whatever choice we make will ultimately cheat someone else who wants that time.)  The tendency for those of us who do ministry (whether paid or unpaid) is "to let our ministry become the main thing in our lives.  After all, we are doing the work of God, right?"  But Stocks reminds us that our priorities need to be in this order:
  1. God (not doing His work, but growing and trusting in Him)
  2. Marriage (if applicable)
  3. Children (again, if applicable)
  4. Community (such as church)
  5. Ministry

In the 5th post in this series, about children, the author points out that our children don't just need quality time; they need quantity time as well.  He then gives more specific direction for Dads:
  1. With regards to their sons, Dads need to model godliness, love, protect, and teach.
  2. With regards to their daughters, Dads need to love, show respect, lead, affirm, and be humble.

Read the full article here.

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