Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I am aware that not all families with young children choose to participate Halloween by “trick-or-treating.” In fact, I know that we have families at Grace Church from all over the spectrum of whether Christians should participate in this event. I’m not here to make a case either way. I know and respect families who do not trick-or-treat, but my family (3 children, ages 2 to 8) does choose to dress up and collect pounds of candy. From us, we aim to downplay the “spooky” aspects, such as no yard decorations outside of a Jack-o-Lantern, and we have not allowed our kids to dress up as occult-like characters (monsters, witches, etc). But we enjoy watching them have fun, and we feel it’s a great opportunity to be with our neighbors.

Does your family participate in Halloween activities? If so, in what ways?

-- Joey Espinosa

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  1. We celebrate it pretty much as you do. We let Trunk or Treat at Grace be their main event for Halloween, but we also take them to a few neighbors on our street that we know on Halloween. We have the same ideas for outdoor decor as well- we have pumpkins and a scarecrow. I did let the girls do spiderwebs on the bushes this year, and that was a first. I debated whether it looked too "scary." I'm definitely not into the ghosts and ghouls part of it. It's all about dressing up like princesses and getting lots of candy for us:). I've seen a couple of houses with full mock graveyards in their front yard- I'd be scared to sleep!